Friday, 19 April 2013


Good Morning readers .... !!!

Have you ever thought of a fine morning when you wake up everything around you goes virtual.Yes, User experience is always dedicated to offer the best with its comfort and warmth. Some of you might be bit annoyed as i am using comfort and warmth words over here which are of humanistic concern. The actual sense of user experience is to remove the barrier of being virtual by being virtual.

Many among us are true nature lovers and we always wish to enjoy the warmth of sunrise in our bed. The sweet smell of light air, the sound of chirping birds all creates an ambiance of  fresh and peaceful morning. This experience can be virtually created. Surprised  ?. Yes, it can be and to many extend it has been successful.One of the key example of such user experience is Wake - Up light by Philips . This Wake - Up light offer an great experience by its light and sound therapy system. It slowly wakes you up in a natural way and make you ready for the day. Forget the merciless alarm clock and annoying musics which often wakes you up irritated and ruin your day. User Experience is not limited to how effectively you design the GUI's of complicated software or how to place information in your application. It's scope is endless and yet more to discover.


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